How We Give Back

Our Legendary Ladies is passionate about giving back to the community. For each children’s book that is purchased from our website, we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to one of our incredible non-profit partners. We’re devoted to child literacy, helping children in need, and extending a helping hand to our military families. We are constantly adding to our growing list of non-profit partners. Read more about each of them below.

Sheltering Arms Children & Family Services

Since 1831, Sheltering Arms Children & Family Services has been dedicated to fostering a society where every child and family will have the opportunity to succeed and thrive. They address the effects of social inequity in the most challenged communities in New York City, offering a variety of innovative programs to enhance the education, well-being, and development of children, their families, and communities. Sheltering Arms offers unique programs to help families overcome a variety of challenges such as homelessness, domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, poverty, and other factors that may stand in the way of success. To learn more about their impact, read the statistics below.

  • 10,997 people have been impacted by the Family & Community Wellbeing Programs
  • 100% of families in the Family Connections Program have stayed together and avoided foster care placement.
  • Last year, 49 children were adopted by loving parents.
  • 83% of teens in the ARCHES mentoring program for youth on probation obtained jobs or enrolled in school.

Our Legendary Ladies is incredibly honored to partner with such a wonderful non-profit like Sheltering Arms Children & Family Services.

Bright By Three

Bright By Three is passionate about helping all families give kids a bright beginning so they can grow into healthy, happy, and successful adults. They equip families with tools to promote their child’s healthy development through the most pivotal stages of childhood growth. Bright By Three partners with pediatricians, researchers, and child development professionals to design and create program materials in both English and Spanish.

If you live in Colorado, you’ll be pleased to know that Bright By Three offers home and group visits for parents and caregivers. Each visit comes with a kit that is targeted to the age of the age, which will include handbooks on a range of topics for the caregiver or parent. If you would prefer to have the resources sent to you via text message, Bright By Three can do that as well. In Colorado in 2017:

  • 13,561 parents and caregivers received a visit.
  • 8,664 people subscribed to Bright By Text
  • 488 partners joined Bright By Three to reach families

As childhood education enthusiasts, Our Legendary Ladies is proud to partner with such a great non-profit like Bright By Three.


Jumpstart is a national early education organization working toward the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed. They offer language, literacy, and social-emotional programming for preschool children from under-resourced communities, transforming the lives of over 100,000 preschool kids nationwide. Jumpstart’s program is currently implemented in 14 states including Arizona, Georgia, California, Illinois, and New York.

The Jumpstart program features a curriculum that is designed to focus on building key skills in children so they can grow and thrive at a healthy rate. At the core of Jumpstart’s curriculum is a set of 20 children’s books that have been carefully selected for their appeal to kids.

Our Legendary Ladies is passionate about early childhood education, and we couldn’t be happier about partnering with Jumpstart.


Operation Showers of Appreciation is a 501(c)3, non-profit tax-exempt organization, whose mission is to honor our Military, Veterans, Reserves, Wounded Warriors, First Responders, Gold Star Families, and Blue Star Mothers, and their families by supporting them with programs designed to provide assistance within everyday life and letting them know the many sacrifices of both the families and those serving are appreciated. They do this by hosting and co-hosting large scale baby showers, baby care packages, and diaper programs for local families that have served in the military or emergency services.

To show our appreciation for our military, veterans, wounded warriors, and more, Our Legendary Ladies will donate a portion of our children’s book proceeds to this amazing non-profit.