Our Legendary Ladies Presents: Anandi Gopal Joshi Baby Book


Product Description

Teach your child about Anandi Gopal Joshi with this one-of-a-kind baby board book. This legendary lady was one of the earliest Indian female physicians who secured a degree in medicine when she was only 21.

  • Educate your baby or toddler on Anandi Gopal Joshi with this adorable and historically accurate children’s book
  • Features stylish illustrations and designs that will keep your child intrigued
  • This baby book has been approved by historians for historical accuracy
  • All orders are shipped within 48 hours

If you want to teach your child about some of history’s most legendary ladies, you’ll love our Anandi Gopal Joshi baby board book. Read this educational children’s book to your child before bedtime to teach them about one of India’s first female doctors. Written by Megan Callea and illustrated by Jennifer Howards, the Legendary Ladies books go beyond the basics of numbers, colors, and animals to teach your child about important historical figures. When you buy one of our baby board books, we’ll donate a book to one of our non-profit partners.

Megan Callea left her fast-paced Wall Street job following the birth of her first child with a dream to create a series of children's books that celebrated some of history’s most prominent women. As a result, Our Legendary Ladies was born, which is a unique baby book series that goes beyond teaching your child numbers, colors, and animals.

Jennifer Howard is the incredible illustrator behind Our Legendary Ladies. She inherited her love of literacy and storytelling from her mother and her passion for design from her father. As a natural-born illustrator, Howard takes the time to diligently research each legendary lady for an accurate and realistic portrayal of their life.