Anandi Gopal Joshi deeper dive: Her marriage at age 9

She (Anandi Gopal Joshi) was married around 1874, when Anandi was only 9 years old. Her husband, Gopalroa Joshi was 20 years her senior.  Although these numbers are shocking, but around the world during these times child marriage was more accepted. 


But even with these laws and initiatives almost 1.5 millions girls (in India) will be married before their 18th birthday. And though rare there are reports of mass wedding ceremonies in the Biaora Kalan villiage at which over 60 young couples between the ages of 12-16 were married. 

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Anandi Gopal Joshi deeper dive: Her impact on women's education in India.

Talk about enlightening. As I read about the education landscape for women in the late 1800's in India, it's heart breaking. One article I was reading said that in the Hindu culture at that time, it was considered a sin for a girl to get an education...but was completely normal for a marriage to happen by 12 or 13 years old.  Anandi Gopal Joshi herself was married at 9. Think about that for a second, child marriage was an encouraged thing yet an education for those girls was a sin.... English men and women at the time tried to set up schools but people believed that to go to one of those "christian" schools would mean needing to convert or...

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Anandi Gopal Joshi deeper dive: The caste system

For a very long time even in the highest of castes women were considered chattles, like livestock. They were not allowed to get an education and were kept happy by being given "ornaments". So just imagine what it was like to be a woman in any lower caste.

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Finding your North Star

For generations the North Star has been a guiding light. Located the end of the handle of the little dipper, this star has been used by sailors, explorers...and still to this day for people to orient themselves. One of the most interesting things about the North Star is that it does not disappear below the horizon and can be seen through out the night and through out the year.  When we first started to do our research of Harriet Tubman...I loved the significance of the North Star to her journey. The significance in both the obvious way and metaphorical way.  She found her "North Star", her mission, her calling and followed it. We wanted the North Star to be central...

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Interesting Facts About Our Legendary Lady, Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a legendary lady that made an impact on the world at a crucial time. Born as Araminta Ross, she later changed her first name to Harriet, after her mother. She is most notably known as a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad during the 1850s, where she risked her life to help slaves escape to freedom in the North. Originally born a slave on Maryland’s eastern shore, she lived in a one-room cabin with her family, which included 11 children. At around the age of six, she left her family to work as a house servant, and seven years later she was sent to work in the fields with the rest of the slaves.     At the...

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