Where did the year go?!

Wow...2018 is almost to a close. Where did it even go?!

I wanted to thank each and everyone of you who read our little blog, engage with us on Social Media and of course our AMAZING CUSTOMERS!!

This has been an incredible year...two the books. ;) And so many more to come. The list just keeps growing and growing.

This past year, I have learned so much! I always fancied myself a historical nerd but have been humbled by the amount of things I do not know and continue to learn.

One thing, is no matter what the climate is...progress is happening. When you look back 100, 50, 25, even 10 years ago...we as a society have come so far. There is always work to be done and ways everything can improve, but I am so thankful to be in the times that we are.

As 2018 comes to a close, remember to be thankful. There are so many amazing people that came before us that had to fight and struggle for things that we take for granted EVERY SINGLE DAY...


-Right to vote

-Education...and these are just a few.

Remember that there are still parts of the world where these are still not expected or considered a luxury.



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