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Order Your Anandi Gopal Joshi Children’s Book Online

Looking for an inspiring and educational children’s book to give this holiday season? Look no further than Our Legendary Ladies kid’s story book on the incredible Anandi Gopal Joshi. This beautiful kid’s story book will make the perfect gift for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and more. In this decorative story book, you’ll find: Historically accurate information on Anandi Gopal Joshi, one of India’s first female doctors. Beautiful illustrations that your child is sure to love.  When you order a children’s book from Our Legendary Ladies, you’re not only purchasing a piece of educational literature for your child, you’re helping us give back to the community. How, you ask? For each kid’s book we sell, our company will donate a portion of...

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Anandi Gopal Joshi deeper dive: Her marriage at age 9

She (Anandi Gopal Joshi) was married around 1874, when Anandi was only 9 years old. Her husband, Gopalroa Joshi was 20 years her senior.  Although these numbers are shocking, but around the world during these times child marriage was more accepted. 


But even with these laws and initiatives almost 1.5 millions girls (in India) will be married before their 18th birthday. And though rare there are reports of mass wedding ceremonies in the Biaora Kalan villiage at which over 60 young couples between the ages of 12-16 were married. 

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Anandi Gopal Joshi deeper dive: The caste system

For a very long time even in the highest of castes women were considered chattles, like livestock. They were not allowed to get an education and were kept happy by being given "ornaments". So just imagine what it was like to be a woman in any lower caste.

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7 Tips To Help You Raise Kids Who Love To Read

It’s no secret that reading with a child every day from birth through elementary school has a lasting and positive outcome for children, parents, and their communities. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Reading regularly with young children stimulates optimal patterns of brain development and strengthens parent-child relationships at a critical time in child development, which, in turn, builds language, literacy, and social-emotional skills that last a lifetime.” While some kids love reading from the get-go, other children struggle with this activity and may feel discouraged. If you have a little one at home, you may be trying to find ways to encourage this beneficial habit. In this blog, we’ll look at the top seven tips to help you...

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Why It’s Important To Read To Your Children

As new parents, there’s nothing better than spending quality time with your children. As your little one learns to think, move, and grow on their own, it’s important to start reading to your child at an early age to set them up for success when it comes to their reading and writing skills. Not only can reading to your child be extremely fun, it’s an imaginative activity that your son or daughter can learn from. At Our Legendary Ladies, our passion is to encourage parents to not only read to their children at a young age, but to go beyond the basics of numbers, colors, and animals to learn more about the legendary ladies of history. In this blog, we’re...

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