Reflection Part 1

I had the honor of speaking to the amazing Rachel Sokol. First off she is the sweetest person ever but secondly the questions she asked made me reflect for the last few days. I went over my words over and over again.

She asked “Who are your personal role models?”. After we got off the phone, that was a questions that went through my head over and over. Looking back there were no books about historical women. I don’t even remember learning about Harriet Tubman until I was in grade school.  

I was so lucky to be surrounded by amazing, strong women. Both of my grandmothers were hard working, loving and tough! We discussed my Grandma Josefina in the article. But one that was left out was my Grandma Joan. Talk about another amazing women. She raised 8 chidren while my grandfather was working 100 plus hour work weeks. I could go on and on about how I feel like I can’t keep up with my two and somehow she raised 8 kids...five which were boys...and did I mention she was only 5’2”.

My grandma Joan did an amazing job of always telling us about our history and our family that survived the Irish famine, came over to the United States with nothing and built an amazing life. She told us so vividly about her experience during WWII and the sacrifices that were made...from not having any new toys made of metal because all of it went to the war effort, to raising there own chickens and rabbits for food. She emphasized that no matter how little they had, they always helped others with what they could.

I am so lucky that she loves history and our families history. She is an amazing wealth of knowledge. We are doing our best to capture this information so we have it to pass onto our families. I can only hope to have half the passion she has making sure to pass down our family's history.


My Grandma Joan in her college graduation picture.


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