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This has been such a delight. Writing this story and seeing it come to life. Baby books and especially baby board books tend to be very basic. I wanted to go beyond that.

These books may seem complex or the big words may seem unnecessary, but those are exactly the thoughts I am trying to change. Our babies should hear about these women every day. They should know about their struggles and be given hope by their tales of achievement.

I hope your children love and fall in love with these stories. Read the story to them but take time to point out the colors and animals in the background. Take a moment to point out this woman’s accomplishments written in the sky. Engage with this book! Our little sponges are so smart and taking so much in everyday and it is our responsibility as parents to be putting the write stuff in front of them.

Keep an eye out for parents guide to Harriet Tubman, coming out soon. It will call out some of the details that can be called out throughout the book.

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