Introducing our next Legendary Lady

Our next lady...drum roll please....

The amazing Anandi Gopal Joshi. She is regarded as the first Indian woman to get a western medical degree. Her story is both uplifting and heartbreaking. The arduous details of her life will be withheld from the book, for obvious reasons. But as parents, this book opens the door to have conversations with our children about life in the past, different cultures and the beautiful story of one lady overcoming enormous obstacles.

We will be diving more into the below questions, as a way to help introduce you to this Anandi. I hope you enjoy learning about this Legendary Lady.

1. Social norms: What is the cast system? Why was it in place? Why was it so amazing that this woman essentially broke away from her cast and became a pioneer in medicine.

2. Cultural differences: Why was she lucky that her husband and father wanted her to get educated? Why were most girls not educated? 

3. Why did she have to come to America to get a medical degree?

4. She was married very young. In many cultures for many years this was something that practiced. Many cultures have turned away from this, but unfortunately it still happens. 

5. Someone very young can change the world! She passed away at a very young age and actually never was able to practice medicine in India, but though brief...her life changed the lives of so many people.

We will be diving more into these questions, one each week. I hope you enjoy learning about this Legendary Lady.

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