Infant Psychologists Agree: Reading To Your Children Is Important

I know some have mentioned that some of the words in our debut baby board book seem pretty big and the topic deep. And let me just say, YES! I consulted with infant psychologists before writing these books to ensure that I wasn’t trying to push the envelope for something that didn't make sense. And here we are...Infant Psychologists wholeheartedly agree that this is needed in the marketplace.

Alphabet books, animal books, shapes and colors are so necessary for children, but we can go beyond the basics. It will never be detrimental.

Below is a quick how-to for when you are reading to infants and toddlers:

For Infants:

  • Big words will only grow their vocabulary, giving them new sounds to practice with and introducing them to words.
  • Colors and new objects allows for playful descriptions

For Toddlers:

This is where the fun starts. They will have questions, and a lot of them.

  • Teach synonyms
  • Teach definitions
  • Make it a game to use one of the new words they learned in their day
  • Ask where objects are on a page (hint there are bunnies and owls hidden throughout)
  • Ask what they think the characters are doing on specific pages and then talk about why
  • Read the book and go back to one page a day and talk about why
  • Remember it is never too early to start teaching your children about these amazing women and growing and expanding their daily interactions
At Our Legendary Ladies, our passion is to encourage parents to not only read to their children at the youngest possible age, but to go beyond the basics of numbers, colors, and animals. Purchase a book online today!