Harriet Tubman: A Legendary Lady You Should Know

Harriet Tubman was one Legendary Lady….

When I started writing this children’s book, I did research, read a few books about the Underground Railroad, tinkered around on Google...and also caught a hilarious episode of Drunk History which highlighted Harriet Tubman’s time as a spy for the Union Army.

I knew her basics from school,but I learned so much more throughout my research. This woman was amazing. First off, she was the first woman EVER to run armed expedition in a war. WHAT?! She created a tea to help soldiers when they were suffering from dysentery…AMAZING! She became a spy and a nurse for the Union army...Can I feel more inadequate!? And she worked tirelessly to promote women’s suffrage. All of this is beyond her Underground Railroad days. This woman’s dedication to all causes is breathtaking.

I think what I take away from Harriet Tubman more than anything is her dedication to her principals. Every one of her accomplishments highlights a part of her character, may it be caring for others, standing up for others...but the one thing that is consistent about this woman is her caring. She truly cared for her fellow man (and woman). And it needs to be mentioned that this amazing woman, who accomplished so much, was completely illiterate.

I take away from her the hope and reminder to be selfless, to care for others with my whole being and life.

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