Giving Tuesday is great...but what about #ichoosetochampion

Every first Tuesday in December is giving Tuesday. This is a phenomenal day to help non-profit organizations with donations. This has become such a great day to help build community and gather people together, one day a year to donate to worthy causes. 

I always make it a point to donate on this day...but I have been day is great, a donation is amazing but what if we could do more. 

So many times we give once, twice and move on...what if we choose a organization and for the next year #Ichoose2champion2020 a get a non-profits interest out there. 

Pick one or two non-profits that speak to your heart and make it a point to advocate for them. Help spread the word about what they are helping to do in the community, locally or globally.

There are so many amazing causes our there and many times beyond just donations, they need help so they can have a voice and a platform to continue to change the world for the better.

My #Ichoose2champion2020 are two organization that I recently found out about that spoke to my soul. I will share information about them below but know that my goal is to help champion these causes for the next year. I will make it a point to share content and do my best to help use my voice to help their missions.

The two organizations I have chosen are Commit 2 Change and Invisible Girl Project. 

After researching and writing the story about Anandi Gopal Joshi...I was stunned to see how woman and girls are still treated in India and other countries around the world. These two organization make it a point to help women and girls specifically in Indian. 

Invisible Girl is an amazing organization that helps to fight gendercide in India. They fight to save girls' lives in India. They care for little girls who are abandoned for their gender and are vulnerable to trafficking. They help raise awareness and educate. To learn more about the issue and how they help, click here

Commit 2 Change is another phenomenal non-profit with the mission to "Transform the lives of orphan girls through the power of education".  Like Our Legendary Ladies, this organization believes in education and literacy. They believe that these are the keys to helping children rise above the situations they were born into. To learn more about the issue and how they help, click here.

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