Finding your North Star

For generations the North Star has been a guiding light. Located the end of the handle of the little dipper, this star has been used by sailors, explorers...and still to this day for people to orient themselves. One of the most interesting things about the North Star is that it does not disappear below the horizon and can be seen through out the night and through out the year. 

When we first started to do our research of Harriet Tubman...I loved the significance of the North Star to her journey. The significance in both the obvious way and metaphorical way. 

She found her "North Star", her mission, her calling and followed it. We wanted the North Star to be central to all of our stories. Each of these women had their own "North Star". They each had their purpose, calling and mission and went to it. 

On the last page of each of our books, the Legendary Lady is leading a child towards the North Star. Helping the child to find his or her own "North Star" and go for it. 

I want children to know that they have that power to change the world, make the world what they want of it. Harriet Tubman, Anandi Gopal Joshi and many of the Legendary Ladies to come came from humble upbringings, they did not have luxuries or in many cases much help. But they found their "North Star" and changed the world.

At Our Legendary Ladies, we believe that children are the future. There’s no limit to what your child can do, especially when you take the time to love, nurture, and educate them from an early age. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating children’s books that go beyond your basic vanilla topics like colors, numbers, and shapes. Our books revolve around some of history’s most legendary ladies, which is what makes us so unique. Some of our current educational children’s books are listed below.

Harriet Tubman

Our Harriet Tubman baby book is a favorite, and for good reason. This inspiring and beautifully illustrated book tells the tale of the courageous and unforgettable Harriet Tubman. As an abolitionist and political activist, this incredible woman led hundreds of slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. While your newborn, baby, or toddler may not fully understand the depth of this children’s book, they will still pick up things like the rhythm, inflection, and tone of your voice. As they get older, they will begin to understand the incredible impact Tubman had on the world. This book has also been approved by one of Harriet Tubman’s leading historians for its historical accuracy.

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How We Give Back

When you buy a baby book from Our Legendary Ladies, you’re not just giving your child an educational children’s book, you’re helping us give back to the community. For every book that is purchased from our website, we donate a portion of the proceeds to one of our non-profit partners. While we support hundreds of causes, we especially love to help children in need and lending a helping hand to our military families. Our list of non-profit partners is always growing and we encourage you to learn more about our mission here.