"Regina George" has been around since the beginning of time.

Every phase of life I am in...there always seems to be that Regina George. That Mean Girl, that girl/woman that thrives off being a bully, cool, being rude...and trying to get her minions to do the same. 

I remember thinking, "I cannot wait to be out of high school and beyond this drama". 

And then I went to college...and there was that group of girls.

And then I went to corporate America and there were those women.

And now I am a mom and I still have to interact with mean girls.

So it's think at some point people would grow up but no. And it got me researching...mean girls in history...and let me tell you!!! These mean girls now...descended from a long line of mean girls. These mean girls have been around since the beginning of time. 

Now everyone can come to their own conclusions about who they think was a mean girl and who was not...but one thing is for sure, there have always been mean girls.

Let's change what we can, raise children who are kind.

Be the example. Children learn from us.

Say something mean about someone, you are giving your child the green light to do that to someone else.

Stand up for someone, your children will see...they will learn and they will take it with them for the rest of their lives, they will value other people and be kind!

Check out this article about the mean girls of history. 



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