Anandi Gopal Joshi deeper dive: Her impact on women's education in India.

Talk about enlightening. As I read about the education landscape for women in the late 1800's in India, it's heart breaking. One article I was reading said that in the Hindu culture at that time, it was considered a sin for a girl to get an education...but was completely normal for a marriage to happen by 12 or 13 years old.  Anandi Gopal Joshi herself was married at 9. Think about that for a second, child marriage was an encouraged thing yet an education for those girls was a sin....

English men and women at the time tried to set up schools but people believed that to go to one of those "christian" schools would mean needing to convert or indoctrination. And hence many parents kept their daughters away. 

But even now, male literacy in India is over 80% where as women's is in 60's. The numbers are shocking, for every 100 girls entering school only 1 of them will make it on to grade 12. 

Beyond even this is the learning environment, its suggested that some 60% of schools do not have electricity and at least 20% are not educated teachers.

There are so many people trying to change this, so many people trying to shed light on this problem. It is up to us to not have the "out of sight out of mind" mentality. And with it estimated that there are 34 births in India every minute this is not something that can be overlooked. 

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