A Letter to the Soon to be Mom:

Congratulations!! Everyone's journey to this point has been so different. But now I am sure you are ready to meet your amazing baby. You are uncomfortable and not sleeping well, you probably still have some things to wrap up but it will all be fine. 

Now, I’m about to tell you something I wish someone had told me before I had my first child…

You will come home from the hospital feeling worse than when you went in. Oh, and also you will have this amazing baby that you couldn’t wait for...but they do not come with an instruction manual and you will feel overwhelmed, a lot. 

I remember being told by the nurse that I could leave tomorrow and I was in shock. Leave? I felt terrible. I couldn’t really walk. I still had this big belly...which was not much smaller than when I went in. I was bleeding heavily and had to wear something I hadn’t worn since middle school...a huge pad. This cannot be right! I had a super cute outfit for the baby and I to go home in and I barely had the energy to dress myself. 

Those first days are a daze. You will question everything. Did they eat enough? Are they still breathing? How many times have they pooped today? 

But momma, just know, you were born for this. You can do it. You are amazing! Many, many Legendary Ladies have gone before us with far fewer resources. Be raw, ask for help. Let someone know if you are struggling, because EVERY NEW MOTHER STRUGGLES. Some struggle silently but you do not need to...we are all here for you and you are going to do an amazing job!


 A Weathered Mom of 3



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