A Legendary Lady: Harriet Tubman

Let’s start celebrating the achievements and contributions of African-Americans to U.S. history a little early. Start introducing your children to some of the amazing people who have made huge impacts on our country, world, and society.

One of the reasons I chose Harriet Tubman as my debut woman to highlight in Our Legendary Ladies series is the fact that she broke so many barriers. She was determined to change something that she saw that was terribly wrong. She was tough, amazing, brave, and everything I want my children to know they can be.

She saw something going on in society that she knew was wrong and instead of sitting around she CHANGED it. Imagine back then, as a woman...and a African-American woman..she was so brave...she risked her life to change history. Her accomplishments will be forever engraved in our history. And I want her story forever engraved on my children's’ hearts.

I end my children’s books all with the same line for this reason…

“And my sweet child know you hold this power too, to make your mark upon the world and to yourself be true.”

Let’s teach our children to be true to who they are, to stand up for what is right, and to change it!


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